Portrait retouching

I provide services of professional portrait retouching. When there is need for a photograph of you that has to be almost perfect, and most of the times we don’t even have an appropriate photo that would leave a good enough impression, photo retouching will do the job.

Photo retouching services include: dust and scratches removalremoving distortion, light correction, color correction, removing acne, removal of wrinkles, face lift, hair .. , background change..

Photo retouching

We all have old and faded photographs of our ancestors ravaged by time which are a step away from being completely ruined. With high quality editing, their photo portraits will make them seem like they were recently made and they will regain their full splendor.

Even if the photos are damaged, black and white or sepia, using photo restoration I can get the maximum out of them and thus preserve the memory and remembrance for the generations to come.

I also provide quality converting of black-and-white images to color. After basic portrait editing, I will color your black and white image to a portrait of natural colors. After this, color conversion won’t be noticeable. With this service it is necessary for you to provide clear instructions of the eyes and hair color, complexion, clothes, etc.

Retuširanje portreta

In accordance with the client’s wishes, it is possible to make certain modifications in terms of photomontage and it’s guaranteed that no one will notice that a person in the photo has a photo montaged hat, that his mustache have been removed, or his tie, glasses, jacket, etc. have been added.

Whether it is the photo is to be used for a jo application, a school portrait or a family album, an avatar image, a photograph for a web page, or anything else, portrait should and can look perfect, or at least closest to the ideal, as much as possible.

Send me a picture for a free estimate to info@alensamac.com or via the contact form.

Approximate price: $15,00+
Time needed: 24-48h
Delivery: Email, download link